Thursday, August 23, 2012

Google Music Update Adds Expandable Jelly Bean Notifications

Google Music has been updated that ads a few new features to many users. This update includes:

* Bug fixes and support for Google TV devices.* Expandable notifications in Jellybean.

For those who have forgotten about expandable notifications here is a reminder. When an app supports expandable notifications and you see the notification in menu you place two fingers on it and pull down to see more options. 

As you see to the left it gives you a bigger thumbnail and an option to go to the previous song. While it doesn't add a ton of new options, it does give you a nice notification widget to look at. This is the first Jelly Bean notification I have actually used and it really ads a nice touch to the OS.

For many of you this feature is not available since Jelly Bean is no where on the rader to be available for your device. 

Play Store: Google Music