Thursday, October 20, 2011

iOS 5 Multitasking Gestures on iPad 1 without jailbreak

With the iOS 5 update it did not give Multitasking Gestures or AirPlay Mirroring to the iPad 1. For many this was a big disappointment. This video shows you how you can do enable them for your device. I have not been able to verify if it works so let me know how it goes. Take Luck.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Netflix updated to work on Honeycomb tablets

Netflix just released an update to their Android application that allows for the app to be downloaded on all Honeycomb tablets. This is great news 6 million Android tablet owners out their.

Android Market

Monday, October 17, 2011

AirPlay Mirroring and how to watch Hulu Plus on the Apple TV

The biggest complaints I have about the Apple TV is that it does not have apps like Google TV and lacks the amount or content of the Roku and Boxee Box. All of this just recently changed with iOS 5 and an Apple TV update. With these updates you can now use AirPlay Mirroring. This allows your to share your iPad 2's screen and iPhone 4S right to your TV connected with an Apple TV. This now gives you the ability to use every Appn in the App Store right on your TV.

So far I have found it to be a very solid expierence. I have barely noticed any delay. For me this just became one of the best set ups that you could have in your home, school room, or conference room. With the availability of apps the possibilities are quite endless to what you can do. I have found it very useful to get content on to the TV. Hulu Plus for example is an amazing app on my iPad. With AirPlay Mirroring I am, now able to have all that content right on my TV. The video below shows exactly how it is done.

 Here our a few tips about using AirPlay Mirroring:
  • When your iPad is being shown on a Apple TV the black bar at the top of the iPad will turn blue so that you know your screen is being shared somewhere. 
  •  When you use a app that has sound that is playing on the Apple TV you can use the volume controls on the iPad to control the volume.
  • When you play a video, look at pictures or use an app formatted for the Apple TV the TV's screen will switch between seeing the iPad status bar and showing a full screen display of the selected media. 
 What feature will you use most on the Apple TV?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

When Does iOS 5 Come Out? Available Now!

The wait is finally over. For those of you that have been waiting for the big update it is finally here. To get the update make sure you update iTunes to 10.5. Once you have done that plug in your device and click check for update and you should be good to go. If you have Mac with OS X Lion make sure you check for an update as well to get all the iCloud features.

Check out Apple's site for all the new features you will receive in the update. Let me know what your favorite one is going to be.

The update is only available for these devices:

Monday, October 10, 2011

Facebook for iPad now available!

Tired of using Safari for Facebook and sad you are missing many features? now you can get Facebook for the iPad. Some added benefits of using the iPad app are the ability to upload pictures from your photo library, games, and Ability to view photos full screen.

 Note: Before you go to find the app uninstall the old Facebook app if you have it installed. Then when you search for Facebook in the App Store click on Facebook when it comes up under iPhone apps. This link will take you to the iPad app. 

Let's see if you can get a frowny face in less than a minute like I did. Hit the iTunes link to check it out.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

iOS 5 Coming to your iPad October 12th

Apple announced it's new iPhone, the iPhone 4S but to me the most important thing that was announced was the availability of iOS 5 on October 12. There are over 200 new features that have been added. Make sure you get your iOS device all backed up before the big day so you are ready to download and install the new and shiny OS.

Check out all the new features over on Apple's site