Monday, October 17, 2011

AirPlay Mirroring and how to watch Hulu Plus on the Apple TV

The biggest complaints I have about the Apple TV is that it does not have apps like Google TV and lacks the amount or content of the Roku and Boxee Box. All of this just recently changed with iOS 5 and an Apple TV update. With these updates you can now use AirPlay Mirroring. This allows your to share your iPad 2's screen and iPhone 4S right to your TV connected with an Apple TV. This now gives you the ability to use every Appn in the App Store right on your TV.

So far I have found it to be a very solid expierence. I have barely noticed any delay. For me this just became one of the best set ups that you could have in your home, school room, or conference room. With the availability of apps the possibilities are quite endless to what you can do. I have found it very useful to get content on to the TV. Hulu Plus for example is an amazing app on my iPad. With AirPlay Mirroring I am, now able to have all that content right on my TV. The video below shows exactly how it is done.

 Here our a few tips about using AirPlay Mirroring:
  • When your iPad is being shown on a Apple TV the black bar at the top of the iPad will turn blue so that you know your screen is being shared somewhere. 
  •  When you use a app that has sound that is playing on the Apple TV you can use the volume controls on the iPad to control the volume.
  • When you play a video, look at pictures or use an app formatted for the Apple TV the TV's screen will switch between seeing the iPad status bar and showing a full screen display of the selected media. 
 What feature will you use most on the Apple TV?