Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Stylusist: Clip-On Stylus Holder for iPad 2

As with my post about the SoundJaw, there is another device that trying to get funding on Kickstarter. Tyson and Scott from Salt Lake City came up with the idea for the Stylusist. It is a device that attaches to the iPad 2 and then allows you to attach your stylus for easy access. It is being promoted as a way to not lose your stylus and to always have easy access to it so that you don't have to search through your pocket or purse to be able to find your stylus.

Tyson and Scott are looking for $10,000 in backing by Aug. 26 to be able to get the project going. They would love for minimum pledges of $20 dollars but are accepting $1 pledges. All they ask is if you pledge less than $20 dollars, that you spread the word about Stylusist on your social media pages. They are offering a Stylusist for the first 100 people the give a pledge. If you pledge $50 or more they will give you a Stylusist, a stylus, and a personal thank you note. If you pledge $100 you will get a Stylusist, a stylus, a personal thank you note, and your name will be put on their website as a top contributor. If you pledge more than $500 you will receive all of the above and your name will even be placed on the packaging as a top contributor.

They used the top three styluses from Amazon to create the dimension for the product. It is suggested that if you don't buy one of the three listed that you buy one that has a circumference of 29.6 mm or a diameter of 8.5mm. The styluses they used are: Acase Capacitive Stylus PenBoxwave Capacitive Stylus, Targus Stylus for iPad.

Are you willing to help get this product made? I can see that many people would have a use for this. Hit the source link to offer your pledge now.