Tuesday, August 2, 2011

SoundJaw for the iPad 2

Have you watch a video lately on your iPad 2? Did you turn up the volume all the way and then cup your hands over the speaker so all viewers could hear it? This is exactly what the SoundJaw fixes. It is was made for the purpose to enhance and boost the sound quality of the iPad 2. The SoundJaw claims to give your iPad a higher decibel volume with crisper sound.

Matthew McLachlan is the creator of the SoundJaw. At first he used KickStarter to be able to raise enough money for the project. The device is made of plastic and slides onto your iPad 2 with ease. It comes in different colors so that you can keep it discrete as possible depending on your iPad color or Smart Cover color. The product is now available for sell for $20 but at this time only allows for you to purchase them in black or white.

I can see the SoundJaw being a great addition for my iPad. it is not fun to always be holding my hand by the speaker whenever I am watching a YouTube video or anything else. Is this something you have been looking for? I would say I am convinced, how about you?