Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Google+ Profiles Showing Up in Android Contacts

Today when I was going through my contacts on my Android phone I noticed that there was a new field that had not been there before. On some contacts there is only one field added and on others there are two. If you haven't heard, Google has opened up a field test of its new social networking feature called Google+. Part of this allows you to add your contacts into Circles so that you can filter to just the posts you want to read or friends you just want to contact.

There is very well going to be deep integration of Google+ into the Android OS. The Google+ app allows you to post to Circles, post pictures from your phone and check into places.

Under my Tablet in a Minute contact I had two links show up. A Google Profile link and a Google+ Profile link. Since that profile is in my Circle, that may be why it is showing up. I check other contacts who have joined Google+ and it is showing up on theirs as well. I also checked contacts that I have put in my Circles but they are not a part of Google+ and they had no link.

I think that this makes for great integration to easily be able to go to a friend or family member's profile to see their posts and info very quickly.