Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My 1st Month iPad App Recommendations

After using my iPad for a month now, I have learned the apps are really make it to be a useful device. I have downloaded hundreds of apps to find the perfect ones that I use on a daily/weekly basis. While these are my current favorite apps, I would love to help you find an app that you are looking for. Leave a comment of your favorite apps or what type of app you would like help finding on the iPad. I will see if I can help point you in the right direction.

Dropbox - This is the perfect app for accessing content from your computer. You can easily transfer PDFs to iBooks or browse through you photo albums and star your favorites for access offline.

Evernote - The perfect note taking app. This app allows you to very easily record audio, upload multiple pictures, or take a quick snapshot of a memory you would like to keep. With simple notebook organization this app allows you to keep track of all your notes with ease.

Flipboard - This is a very beautiful RSS reader. You can import content from Google Reader, Facebook, Twitter, or any feed.

Remote - This tool allows you to easily see the different content that is on your computer and play it on your computer without getting up and going to the computer to change your selection.Works great if you have a Mac Mini connected to your HDTV.

Air Video - This little app is super awesome it allows you to watch all of the movies from your computer right on your iPad without spending time syncing or taking up any of space on your iPad. Air Video - Watch your videos anywhere! - InMethod s.r.o.

DVP Remote - The best remote for the iPad to control the Roku box from an iPad. It is very fast compared to the one you get with the Roku box and it has a great interface.
DVPRemote - Phil Irey

Touch Mouse - Allows you to use your iPad as a wireless mouse and keyboard for your computer

Twitter - This is by far the best Twitter app I have used on any device. It is perfect if you have multiple accounts you need to manage. It really allows you to very quickly consume all of the content in your feed.

Web Albums - This app is the best way that I have found to view and upload Picassa web albums.
Web Albums for iPad - A Picasa Photo Viewer, Uploader, and Manager - Scott Sykora

iBooks - I do not purchase many books to read but iBooks is a perfert tool to allow you to import PDFs and read them easily and quickly. You can also sort your PDFs into collection to help you keep you content organized.

HP iPrint Photo 3.0 - This app allows you to print photos from your iPad, works with most wireless printers.

Netflix - Allows you to play Netflix instant play from you Netflix account.

GeeTasks, the Google Tasks App - Simple app that syncs Google Tasks. This app allows you to check off lists, create lists, clear list, and edit information for each tasks.
GeeTasks, the Google Tasks app - Memengo

Epic Citadel - This is just a preview of the Unreal game engine but it really shows what great graphics the iPad is capable of.

Fruit Ninja - A favorite casual gaming experience for everyone to enjoy.
Fruit Ninja HD - Halfbrick Studios

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 - Perfect game for the every Potter fan. Many levels to keep you entertained for hours.
LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 - Warner Bros.

Cut the Rope - This game is very simple. It takes speed and accuracy to play but will keep your mind thinking with its challenging levels.
Cut the Rope HD - Chillingo Ltd