Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The iPad 2! All you need to know.

What another amazing Apple event that was. Apple is doing a great job at refreshing it's products fast. She here are my predictions for the iPad 2.

  • New A5 processor. Not sure on the speed.
  • A pixel density screen.
  • Weight 1 lb. (Close)
  • Front facing 2MP camera for Facetime.
  • A sd card slot to easily transfer pictures.
  • No price change.
  • Ability to sync the 30 connecter with Thunderbolt.
More than half right but I did miss a few things. They made it slimmer, added the function to mirror screen onto TV with HDMI, a rear camera, and many other features.

Go here to see the full specs. So my question to you is, does the iPad now have all you need or do you still think that it is a fad? Sound off in the comments. Thanks for reading!