Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What are your hopes and dreams for Amazon's Press Conference tomorrow?

Tomorrow the e-ink winner, book seller, and all around great company is going to introduce what it has been working on. With the tablet being all the talk since 2010 we can only assume that is what it is. So far I have heard rumors of it being called Amazon Fire, and being similarly shaped to the 7" BlackBerry PlayBook. While only tomorrow can really tell us what it is going to be here are some things to think about.

In March of this year Amazon released it's own dedicated Android App Store. The store has a free app everyday to help promote developers and it can be installed on almost any Android device. The App Store has an approval process before it can be on the store. They also already have a Kindle app and a Shopping app.

They also released the Cloud Drive Player which allows you to download and sync your music between devices and stream music from your Android Phone.

In February they announced their unlimited movie streaming service to Prime members.

With this much preparation it can only assumed that the tablet is going to be Android based, multi-media centered, and app rich. With all of these making for a great tablet I can see two things that it must have to win the worlds hearts. These are great performance, and a superior price. 

What will it take for you to get a Amazon made tablet? What do you expect it's main features to be?