Wednesday, June 8, 2011

iChromy: A Google Chrome Based App For iPad

iChromy for iPad is a really great app. It has a few features that makes me feel right at home. Chrome is the main browser that I use. Safari misses some things and iChromy makes up for those.

After spending just a few minutes with it here are the features I really enjoyed. From the very first time you open the app it feels like you are in Chrome. It has tabbed browser which is a must on any modern day browser. It also has the star in the top right corner that allows you to easily bookmark pages.

See video after the break.

One feature that I really enjoy is the reading list that is available offline. There is a small icon with glasses that all you need to do is tap it and it adds it to your list.

The Ominibox is present here. This is where your address bar and search bar are all in one. It makes the interface look very clean. The share button is also a very important part of the app. You can easily share the page you are at to many sources provided. That last feature that I think really gives it a great feel is when you scroll down the Ominibox hides itself so you only see the tabs at the top leaving the maximum web space possible.

Check out iChromy for iPad here. Enjoy!