Saturday, November 5, 2011

iPad 2 + Apple TV = Best baby monitor ever

Recently I have found many different uses for the iPad 2 Mirroring to the Apple TV. In this use case scenario I used my iPad 2 and Apple TV together to create a baby monitor.

I wanted my baby to get a good nap while we were having a Halloween party so I put her in a back room so that our conversation would not wake her up. Once I got her to sleep the first thing I did on the iPad was go to Settings -> Auto-Lock and then changed the Auto-Lock to never.

Next I turned the brightness all the way down since no one was actually going to look at the iPad so I could save on battery life. Then I turned on mirroring to the Apple TV, opened the camera app, and set up the iPad on a table and propped it up using my Smart Cover.

When I went into the front room we could all see the screen and watch her and we could see when she wakes up and starts moving. In the picture above I had the iPad on camera mode and not video so that is why there are lines, we were also not hearing her. Later I tried it on video and still no sound would come through the TV. I have not yet found a way to send the sound to the TV with the video camera app.

When she went down for another nap it was too dark for us to see her so I found a decibal reading app called Decibel Ultra that allows for us to see if she was actually making any sound.

This is just one new way I have been using Air Play Mirroring, what uses have you found for it?