Tuesday, April 12, 2011

iPad Me

This week I was told I have a crush on an iPad 2

At first when my wife told me this I thought "No I don't," then it hit me, I do have a crush! Ever since iPad was announced in 2010 I have probably talked about it every day. Sometimes the most exciting thing I have to talk about when I come home from school is how many people in class had an iPad.
Take a look after the break to see how You can help.

If you have ever met someone that has one, they love it. If you have ever met someone that played with one, they loved it. I love the idea of tablet computing. With this site my goal is to teach the general population how to use tablets. The main problem I am have is I don't have a tablet!

Right now the market is being flooded with tablets but I would say the winner is from Apple. They have done an excellent job. If I had the funds, I would just go buy one. Being a full time student, husband, and soon to be father drain my full paycheck and leaves nothing left for gadgets.

"So how can I help?" you ask. It is easy. Just give me one dollar. That is it. $1 is all it takes. Let's say you make six dollars an hour. You have already given me one minute so what is another 9 more minutes of work to donate $1 to me? Maybe you lost a dollar of change the last time you sat down in your car. All you need to do is find it, and send it my way. In return you shall receive much happiness! You won't be able to drive home without smiling, because you, my friend, did good in the world today and helped me out. Enough talk, click Donate button on left side.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. You are awesome!